Weekly Crypto Insights 22/1/2024

January 22, 2024

Global Cryptocurrency Ownership Surges to 580 Million in 2023, Crypto.com Reveals

A significant 34% increase in global cryptocurrency ownership was recorded in 2023, reaching 580 million, with Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the growth. The surge was fueled by developments in Bitcoin ETFs, the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol, and Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade.

New U.S. Spot Bitcoin ETFs Accumulate Over 100,000 BTC in First Week of Trading

Nine new U.S. spot bitcoin ETFs have collectively amassed over 100,000 BTC in assets under management within just seven days of trading. Leading the pack is BlackRock’s IBIT and Fidelity’s FBTC, highlighting a significant shift in Bitcoin investment through ETFs.

January Sets Record for Ether Options Trading

Ether options trading volume soared to an unprecedented high in January, reaching $17.9 billion, with bullish market indicators such as a low put-call ratio and rising Ether prices, reflecting strong investor confidence in the cryptocurrency.

Hong Kong to Introduce First Spot Crypto ETFs OSL Executive Forecasts

OSL’s Executive Director Gary Tiu predicts the launch of Hong Kong’s first spot crypto ETFs by mid-2024, with multiple firms actively exploring this venture. This move aligns with Hong Kong’s regulatory advancements and aims to integrate digital assets into traditional financial systems.

SEC Delays Decision on Grayscale Ethereum ETF

The SEC has extended its review of Grayscale’s proposed spot Ethereum ETF, seeking public comments on concerns like Ethereum’s proof of stake mechanism and market manipulation risks. This decision follows similar delays for other Ethereum fund proposals.

Tesla’s Bitcoin Holdings Unchanged in Q4

Tesla’s latest quarterly report reveals no transactions involving Bitcoin, implying the company still holds its 9,720 bitcoins. This steadiness in Bitcoin holdings positions Tesla as a significant holder among publicly traded firms, despite last selling Bitcoin in Q2 2022.

Polymer Labs Raises $23M for Ethereum Layer 2 Network

Polymer Labs has raised $23 million in Series A funding to build an Ethereum Layer 2 network for enhanced interoperability across blockchains. With backing from notable investors like Coinbase Ventures and Blockchain Capital, Polymer aims to bolster blockchain communication and security.

OKX to End Mining Pool Services

Crypto exchange OKX is set to discontinue its mining pool and related services by February 26, ceasing new user registrations immediately. This decision follows a significant drop in the exchange’s mining pool hashpower and aligns with their ongoing business strategy adjustments.

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