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Greythorn Asset Management stands out in the asset management capital landscape as a strategic, far-reaching investment firm specialising in the emerging sector of decentralisation
and Web3 innovations.
What we are

About Us

More than just investors

As digital natives and experienced investors, our team has provided consultancy and advisory services to over 50 blockchain and financial technology startups since 2011.

Committed advocates of blockchain technology, we began cryptocurrency mining operations in 2013, offering advice and services to companies launching their projects from 2016 to 2017, and have been investing in decentralised finance since 2019.

We adopt a proactive approach in identifying pioneering trends, applying the prudence and sophistication in risk management which enables to offer our investors a diversified portfolio filled with select growth opportunities.

We are more than just investors; we are active participants and experts in the crypto infrastructure. This positions us to add tangible value to the networks and companies we invest in.

What we do

Our Thesis

What we believe in

At Greythorn, we believe in radically transforming the financial system through Web3.

A universe where control and trust are redefined by blockchain technology. Web3 is an evolution that breaks down and rebuilds access to financial services and data ownership.

The modularisation of financial primitives in the Open Finance ecosystem allows for democratised trust, where applications do not have unique advantages but operate on a level playing field driven by transparent codes instead of closed institutions.

With Web3, application logic and data ownership are decoupled, returning control to users, breaking monopolies, and unlocking innovation potential. 

Regarding money, Web3 offers a state-free alternative, not tied to human institutions but to the laws of physics and mathematics. We envision a future with a global, decentralised, and digital value measure that functions like digital gold but with much broader potential.

These are not just ideas; they are realities being built now. With billions already committed to open finance smart contracts, we are at the forefront of a megatrend that will intensify over the next decade.

Greythorn is positioned at the heart of this transition, investing in the infrastructure that will make Web3 accessible and relevant worldwide. This path leads to greater financial inclusion and boundless innovation.

Join us as prepare today to invest in the world of tomorrow.

Meet Our Team

As advocates of blockchain technology, the team set up cryptocurrency mining operations in 2013, advised and serviced companies aiming to launch their projects from 2016 to 2017, and has invested in decentralised finance since 2019.

Ryan Ang

Executive Director & 
Investment Committee Member

Jae Sik Choi

Portfolio Manager

Chiraag Patel


Junrong Lu


Sunny Yu


Martin Yu


Andrew Kuik


Álvaro Díaz

Research Analyst

Vincent Zhou

Marketing Officer

Laura Subianto


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