Greythorn Digital

Greythorn Digital is an incubator specialising in advancing startups across the web3 industry.
Our goal is to provide you with a supportive place to develop and grow your ideas.

Guiding Web3 Startups to
Successful Stories

Greythorn Digital is a pioneering web3 consulting agency, offering comprehensive expertise in strategising entry and growth of web3 projects in the industry. We aim to empower businesses and support them throughout their growth journey, from envisioning ideas to a successful launches.


Build Stage

Bring Ideas to Life

This is the 1st stage in our strategy process and here our goal is to understand what the founders want to achieve with their business, what they already have, and what they lack. Then, devise a tailored plan to suit their precise requirements.

Our Goal

Plan a strategy that is the perfect fit for your project.


  • Market Fit Due Diligence: Competitor’s Research, Trend Research, Case Studies and Market Fil Analysis.
  • Token Economy Strategy: Tokenomics Design,TGE (Token generation), and Token Management
  • Web/ Mobile App Development: Base Website, dApp/ mobile app like smart contract integration, dApp flow, Front-end/back-end and Desktop/ Web wallet as browser extensions.



Bring Ideas to Life

In this stage, we develop a full marketing and branding plan. We aim to tell a compelling product story and showcase why it's the best solution for our valued users. Careful planning and analysis to connects the product with its target audience.

Our Goal

Create a brand identity that connects with the users.


  • Branding: Brand Identity like Logo design, Branding Guidelines and Brand Positioning.
  • Marketing: Peripherals like website, Whitepaper and Github, Launch Strategy, and Social Media Management and Graphic Designing.
  • Fund- Raising: Angel/ Seed raising, Launchpads, Grassroots like Unorthodox, Stealth launch, and Listing: CEX listing and DEX listing.



Scale and Grow Your Web3 Venture

Upon the completion of the core product/service offering, the expansion stage fundamentally facilitates the client in achieving a successful market entry by diligently executing their business strategy.

Our Goal

Help the product successfully enter the market.


  • Business Development: Market Analysis, Business Model Refinement, Investor Relations and Revenue Generation Strategies
  • Partnerships: Technology integrations and co-marketing initiatives, Regulatory, Legal & Compliance, International Expansion Opportunities
  • Ecosystem Building: Community engagement strategies, Educational resources, Governance Frameworks.

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Private Placement
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