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Bittensor: The Rise of Decentralized AI

Project Name: Bittensor | Project Type: Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Ticker: $TAO | Cryptocurrency Rank: #30 | Market Cap: $3.3B | FDV: $3.3B | Circulating Supply: 6.23 M (29.69%) | Max Supply: 21M Opening Remarks The AI sector, especially with breakthroughs like ChatGPT, has really taken off, attracting $25 billion in investment in 2023 alone—that's […]
What is Pyth? Pyth is a blockchain oracle that allows users to access prices for cryptocurrencies, real-world equities, and more. The site offers price feeds, which publish the price of an investment option within a given confidence interval.  Both the price and the confidence interval are a time-weighted aggregate of Pyth’s individual publishers’ data. These […]
What is Aerodrome? Built on Coinbase’s Layer 2, Base, which launched on the 9th of August, Aerodrome Finance is a DEX that was launched by Velodrome, one of OP’s most prominent decentralised trading venues with over $120m in TVL. Aerodrome launched towards the end of August on the 28th, acting as a liquidity engine and […]
Founded in 2014, Chainlink is an oracle provider connecting smart contracts to external data, using node operators to verify all data. These node operators must stake their LINK, Chainlink’s native token, to do so, earning rewards for correct information.  Addressing the Challenge of Blockchain Interoperability: The primary goal of cross-chain technologies is to facilitate the […]
Injective is a Layer 1 blockchain built upon the Cosmos network. Its architecture is designed to reduce congestion and utilise a gas-free model for users to trade. All market maker and taker fees are to be paid with INJ, its native token. Injective Bridge allows users to easily transfer their tokens from Ethereum to the […]
Rendering refers to the final process for artists to create 3D images generated from models. Founded by the CEO of OTOY in 2016, Render Network is a peer-to-peer decentralised GPU marketplace built on Polygon and set to migrate to Solana after a vote was passed in April.  They connect users in need of rendering jobs […]
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