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Stablecoin Evolution: USDe's Impact on Decentralized Finance

Project Name: EthenaLabs | Network: Ethereum L1 | Current TVL: $410 Million USD | Project Type: CDP | Ticker: $USDe & $ENA | Cryptocurrency Rank: #NA | Market Cap: NA | FDV: NA | Circulating Supply: NA | Total Supply: NA. Opening Remarks Following the collapse of Terra, its associated UST, and the Anchor protocol […]
Project Name: Jupiter \ Network: Solana \ Project Type: DEX \ Ticker: $JUP Rank: #98 \ Market Cap: 718.6 M \ FDV: 5.29 B \ Circ. Supply: 1.35 B (13.50%) \ Total Supply: 10 B. Opening Remarks On January 15, 2024, the Binance Research team reported that the crypto market saw a remarkable recovery in […]
Project Name: Picasso Network Project Type: Crosschain, Restaking.Ticker: $PICA (natively cross-chain token) Cryptocurrency Rank: #489 Market Cap: $67.56M Fully Diluted Valuation: $149M Circulating Supply: 4.53B (45.34%) Total Supply: 10B ● PROJECT OVERVIEW Picasso, initially launched on Kusama, aimed to pioneer cross-ecosystem Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) and cultivate a robust ecosystem within Polkadot. Concurrently, Composable Cosmos was developed to extend asset transfer capabilities beyond the Polkadot realm. […]
INTRODUCTION Celestia\modulars blockchain thesis → It's a fundamentally new way of scaling blockchains. For reference: Manta saved >99% in fees by using Celestia for Data Availability instead of Ethereum (more info on this here). Future outlook → thousands of rollups that use Celestia for data availability, a base layer for a new scalable ecosystem of […]
Project Name: XAI Project Type: GamingTicker:* $XAI (Native, ERC20, Arbitrum One)* Cryptocurrency Rank: #193 Market Cap: $283MFully Diluted Valuation: $2.5B PROJECT OVERVIEW Developed by Offchain Labs using Arbitrum technology, Xai is poised to revolutionise the gaming industry. It simplifies the trading of in-game items for billions of gamers, eliminating the need for complex crypto-wallets. Key Features of XAI: SENTRY NODES IN […]
Since the Shanghai upgrade, the Ethereum staking market has gradually become more popular. Currently, the staking ratio for ETH has reached 24%. According to Nansen’s data, the entire ETH staking market has consistently shown an upward trend, with the current staked ETH reaching a high of 29.2 million (currently valued at $65.67 billion). According to […]
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