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An exploration into Chainlink and its CCIP.

Founded in 2014, Chainlink is an oracle provider connecting smart contracts to external data, using node operators to verify all data. These node operators must stake their LINK, Chainlink’s native token, to do so, earning rewards for correct information.  Addressing the Challenge of Blockchain Interoperability: The primary goal of cross-chain technologies is to facilitate the […]
Pendle is a permissionless DeFi yield-trading protocol built on Ethereum and launched in 2020. Similar to the TradFi interest derivatives market, it allows users to speculate on the future earnings of yield-bearing assets, or purchase future assets at a discount, which is equivalent to enabling users to tokenise and sell the future earnings of certain […]
 Founded in 2017 and launched via IEO on Binance in March 2019, Fetch.AI is an artifical intelligence (AI) lab building an open permissionless, decentralised machine learning network with a cryto economy. Fetch.ai democratises access to AI technology with a permissionless network upon which anyone can connect and access secure datasets by using autonomous AI to […]
Maple offers a unique solution for institutions to obtain under-collateralized loans or borrow without high collateral requirements, unlike platforms such as Aave. By using the Maple platform, liquidity providers can lend to premium borrowers instead of any regular DeFi user. The platform's pools are managed by experienced investors known as Delegates, who conduct due diligence […]
This is Part 3 of our Real Yield series, Exploring an AppChain DeFi Trading Ecosystem - UniDex. Read Part 1 and Part 2. Token Summary Tokenomics With time on their side, UniDex’s unique token allocation has allowed the supply distribution of its governance token to perforate further than any other web3 project available. With its […]
Launching on ETH mainnet in 2019, Ankr is a decentralised infrastructure provider in Web3. It focuses on early-stage cloud calculation and blockchain node deployment in an economically efficient way. Recently, instead of developers and institutions as their main target audience, Ankr expanded its business scope to serve retail. Apart from offering API endpoints, Gaming SDK, […]
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