Core Research

An Exploration into Trending LSD StakeWise

StakeWise is a liquid staking protocol that has no minimum taking requirement. Apart from using their staked ETH (sETH2) capital to earn yield throughout DeFi, users are also fre… Read more
An exploration into the trending Cosmos L1 & the leading American options protocol on Arbitrum. Kujira Kujira & Cosmos have garnered plenty of attention over recent wee… Read more
Arbitrum has transitioned onto its Nitro upgrade, lowering fees & increasing throughput. Users continue to flow into the Arbitrum ecosystem as more projects develop &… Read more

Real Yield Part 2

August 31, 2022
Continuing our exploration into cash-flow generation across DeFi. Last fortnight, we covered $dYdX, $GMX, & $GNS, dApps that allow for self-custody, decentralised tradi… Read more
An exploration into cash-flow generation across DeFi & value accruals in the Post-Merge space. The ever-changing landscape of DeFi has cycled from its early innovative yea… Read more

The Merge

August 3, 2022
An exploration of the Ethereum Merge & what it means for crypto’s largest ecosystem moving forward Since April 2022, Ethereum has been running two parallel blockchains. One… Read more
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