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An exploration into Chainlink and its CCIP.

Founded in 2014, Chainlink is an oracle provider connecting smart contracts to external data, using node operators to verify all data. These node operators must stake their LINK, Chainlink’s native token, to do so, earning rewards for correct information.  Addressing the Challenge of Blockchain Interoperability: The primary goal of cross-chain technologies is to facilitate the […]
As companies wind down for the year, settle their books and go off for the holidays, it is time for crypto holders to ask the question: Just how much will my holdings grow? The Santa Claus rally refers to the tendency for prices to increase over the last weeks of the year into the new […]
Financial Technology (Fintech) refers to the integration of technology into financial services for the benefit of improving their use and delivery to consumers. Fintech was initially applied to the backend of established financial institutions, but has now extended its wings to various sectors and industries such as education, retail banking, fundraising, non-profit, and investment management. […]
The pandemic was certainly a catalyst in the adoption of emerging digital technologies. Demand for innovation, driven by challenges in operational change led fintech companies to constantly innovate to suit the ever-changing needs of consumers. From tailoring investment services that are available at the palm of your hands, to concocting viral marketing campaigns aimed to […]
Financial influencers, more commonly referred to as “finfluencers” have garnered plenty of attention during 2021. ASIC’s Cathie Armour has told companies to be wary of their regulatory responsibilities when it comes to engaging in their services. Financial advice that is provided both generally or personally requires an AFSL licence. Therefore, a finfluencer may be in […]
On November fourth, investors flocked to the ASX to get a piece of the new up and coming BetaShares cryptocurrency-focused ETF (ASX: CRYP). CRYP headlined the investment community & within hours of its float, had broken the record for trading volumes on a new managed investment. Australia's First Crypto ETF launched on 4th November Like […]
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