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January 2024 | Greythorn Monthly Market Update

Opening Remarks Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Greythorn Market Update. In an era where crypto matters more than ever, it’s essential to make an extra effort to ensure our readers remain well-informed about the evolving world of digital assets and blockchain technology. At Greythorn, we’re committed to providing monthly updates, offering deep insights […]
Socials Caption:Do you know what caused the price of Bitcoin to surge?Or that you can now buy a luxury car using crypto? 😲 Well, so much happened over the past fortnight, and we are here with our fortnightly market insights to keep you up to date with all of it! Read the full details below […]
Brazil Blockchain ID System Rio de Janeiro, Goiás and Paraná will be issuing blockchain-based IDs to their citizens before this initiative is released to the entire country by the 6th of November, as announced by the Brazilian government. As part of the announcement, the government cited blockchain's added security, decentralisation and streamlining as the reason […]
Sony Blockchain  Global conglomerate Sony has announced that it will be developing a blockchain in partnership with Singapore-based firm Startale Labs. The company claims that it will use its experience in a number of technology subfields such as gaming and music to drive forward the blockchain, offering several solutions to users.  El Salvador Bitcoin Education […]
Success of Swift Experiments Swift announced the results of its recent experiments on the 31st of August, revealing that it was able to transfer tokenised value across private and public blockchains. For many, this is considered groundbreaking, as it mitigates many of the barriers in tokenising assets such as lack of interoperability or lack of […]
Sei Launch After a highly successful testnet with over 7.5 million wallets created, Sei Labs has announced the mainnet launch of its Sei Blockchain along with the release of its native token SEI. The token saw a trading volume of over $1 billion in just one day,  behind major players like BTC, ETH and USDT. […]
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