Core Research

  • StarkWare

    November 9, 2022
    An exploration into ZK-Rollups & how StarkWare is using them. Before understanding ZK-Rollups, we need to begin with Layer 2s:…
  • Greythorn Core Research: deBridge & Timeswap

    October 26, 2022
    Exploring the innovative features being developed across bridging & lending markets. deBridge deBridge is a cross-chain interoperability protocol that enables…
  • Greythorn Core Research: Cosmos & Chainlink

    October 12, 2022
    We dive into the new Cosmos whitepaper and look into Chainlink after its recent rally. 1.Cosmos Hub $ATOM is the…
  • Core Research – Kujira & Premia

    October 6, 2022
    An exploration into the trending Cosmos L1 & the leading American options protocol on Arbitrum. Kujira & Cosmos have garnered…
  • Core Research – Nitro Has Arrived

    September 14, 2022
    Arbitrum has transitioned onto its Nitro upgrade, lowering fees & increasing throughput. Users continue to flow into the Arbitrum ecosystem…

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