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An exploration into StaFi: Staking + Finance

StaFi is a cross-chain liquid staking protocol. It launched in 2020 & aims to solve the contradiction between mainnet security and token liquidity in PoS consensus. Users ma… Read more
2021 saw a wave of institutional interest in cryptocurrency as an emerging asset class. Today, at least 27 publicly traded corporations hold 217,000 bitcoins at a current value o… Read more
Apple Inc (AAPL.O) is initiating a new iPhone feature that will benefit consumers and businesses alike. In its latest push into the financial technology (fintech) industry, App… Read more
Of the many fintech sectors, retail finance offers investors the most promising opportunity. The market for retail finance has more than doubled over the past five years, and is c… Read more
Thailand’s central bank is proposing an increase in banks' investments into the financial technology (fintech) sector. At the moment, banks have a limit to invest 3% of their cap… Read more
Early in the second month of 2022, India announced plans to launch its own digital currency by 2023. India joins the likes of China as one of the few countries to start experimenting… Read more
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